I see my work as a culmination of several trains of thought I've explored throughout the years and as an integration of several aspects of my personality(s). I like the universal in the personal and the sacred in the common place.

Important is the idea of layering as ritual and for the visual sensation that feeds the eye. Important is a systemic approach. Important is the subconscious and archetypes as well as the commonplace as symbols. Important is the complexity of surface while finding the calm in the busy.

Often I have a concept such as the portrait I'm beginning now. I flashed on a multi-armed goddess like Durga, Devi, or Parvati. I'm using a multi-faceted and multi-tasking friend of mine as the model. I had her pose holding objects that represent the arts; arms presenting, arms reaching, arms playing. Everything she holds or does represents who she is as well as her physical likeness but also represents the sacred — I like that.
Diana Ingalls Leyba

Diana Ingalls Leyba

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